This moving account describes what Oke Shed means – not only to the men, but also their families. This story, in the words of one family, is one of many:

“In March 2016, my Dad suffered a stroke which changed him completely, he could no longer work and he lost his confidence; sadly he spent a lot of time alone at home. He soon became depressed, and felt that there was no meaning to his life. It hurt us, his family, children, and grandchildren to see how different he was and how he was struggling to cope with the changes to his health. After a couple of years of depression, loneliness, plus stress and worry for us all – he found Men in Sheds!

Soon after he first went, we saw a massive difference in him, so lovely to see he was smiling, happy and laughing again. From that point on, he started to spend more and more time at the Shed. He made new friends, and as he got to know everyone he was keen to work on more ‘Shed projects’ – and some of his own too!  He even made us a bird house for our garden – which the children were thrilled to have!

He now spends 3 days a week at the Shed, and is always bringing home items which have been donated – which enjoys fixing so they can be reused or rehomed to raise Shed funds! When Men in Sheds had an open day last summer, Dad was keen to tell everyone that there was a free BBQ and fun fair games – and he was in charge of the Coconut Shy too! We all had a fun day and it was a joy to see him so happy! Now, every time we see Dad he proudly talks about what he has worked on at the Shed this week – and what project he is working on next! We as a family can not thank Men in Sheds enough – they gave us our Dad back!”

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