Oke Men in Sheds built this truly awesome ‘shed shaped soapbox’ for their entry into the Bideford Soapbox Derby – which took place last weekend (Sunday  7th)! A great time was had by all – with numerous entertaining  soapboxes running the course to raise money for a local cancer charity, Chemo-heroes. The ‘Oke Shed soapbox’ completed the course brilliantly  – despite some concerns that it might not make the full run given it’s weight and height – but all such concerns melted away as ‘the Shed’ swiftly navigated the various course obstacles – to cross the finish line accompanied by lots of cheers!  Congratulations and thanks to all the Shedders who worked so hard on the design and build – and also transport it on the day! 

Lots more information here about the event (this takes you to a link outside of Oke Men in Sheds website) :  https://bidefordsoapboxderby.co.uk/,

and also see Oke Men in Sheds FB page:  https://www.facebook.com/p/Okehampton-Men-in-Sheds-100083072805263/?locale=en_GB

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